Saturday, September 18, 2010

Writing A Dating Profile Online

Writing A Dating Profile Online
Author: Jayne Parke
A better profile you have the better chances of someone noticing you.
To generate a good profile page, your writing should be in conversational structure so that the person reading it should feel as if you are talking to him or her. Provide traits about what you are looking for in your dating partner. It’s always wise to list the characteristics of your ideal man/woman to make it easy for you to write your profile. In this way you have an objective to who you want to address your dating profile. An online profile needs to be represented in the most honest way. You should let them feel that they are being pleased and you are interested with them.
An online dating profile is like a resume it should be detailed with its content. You should be honest in everything you write. This includes all the incidents in your life as well. Write more about your social and also personal life. What values you adhere to, and what are the things that are most valuable in your life. Remember, problems and negative aspects should be shunned. As much as possible make your profile humorous and funny. You should enjoy and have fun while writing. Your true emotions reflects in your profile therefore if you feel like in a bad mood or stressed out better to postpone you profile writing and deal with it again if you have a clear mind.
In writing your profile online you should bear in mind that all in excess is bad and not good to look at. Don’t over appraise your personality. Just make your profile simple, honest, funny and let it be filled with lots of love.
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